A Site! To Review Things!

I’ve finally realised my potential and justified five years of studying journalism at university — I’ve created a WordPress site to post reviews on!

Graduation day, confirming me as a Master Of The Written Word.

I love reviewing things – I love being an overanalytical little nerd and breaking down why we love or hate the things we love and hate. And ranting and raving on Twitter doesn’t quite satiate me. So I’ve started this site for when 140 characters just isn’t enough.

My main focus will be pro wrestling and video game reviews (yeah, you found a real winner of a site here) with some TV reviews sprinkled within. The reviews will mainly be bitesized, and I hope to produce them fairly regularly, although I’ll write some longer posts if I feel it necessary. For wrestling, I’ll be posting full show reviews and also shamelessly apeing TJ Hawke’s great single-match review format. Thanks Teej!

If you’re reading this and would like to give me lots of money to review things (or for any other reason) please reach out via Twitter.