Nixon Newell vs. Chris Brookes (Fight Club: PRO, Rise Against 2017)

Watch this match here (€7.00)

This was part of Newell’s farewell weekend with FC:P, and her last clash in a long-standing rivalry with Brookes. You can tell both treat this feud with a lot of reverence, especially as proponents of intergender wrestling, so neither held back.

This was a street fight, starting outside the ring and featuring a variety of plunder. Newell hit three beautiful suicide dives early, paid off later in the match when Brookes side-stepped a fourth dive and Newell, to be blunt, ate shit; crashing and burning amidst the fans’ chairs.

The entire final third of the match revolved around treasing and bumping into thumbtacks. Both took some nasty spills, including Newell hitting a twisting Canadian Destroyer on Brookes, resulting in her own thigh being decorated in the tiny gold pins.

The closing moments had maybe one nearfall too many for my tastes, but it was apropos of the conclusion to a lenthy rivalry. Brookes won clean in the end.

I’m not much of an intergender guy, nor am I well versed in this feud’s history, but this was a good, intense brawl, treated like the participants really wanted to hurt each other and end the rivalry on top. It served as a refreshing change of pace on a show with a bevvy of comedy matches up until this point.